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Evaluating the Viability and Usefulness of a Distribution Center for Print Service Providers

The need to differentiate one print services provider from another is not only based on products or technology, but also on the unique value of the pr...

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About the Printing Industry

Printing permeates everyday life and is central to most business operations—from packaging to advertising, from books to periodicals, and from currency to wallpaper.

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This essential industry is one of the most fragmented—of the approximately 38,000 businesses in the U.S. that employ just under 500,000 men and women, only four percent have more than 100 employees. It is also highly price competitive, and is currently experiencing profound shifts as a result of global market forces, labor trends, environmental regulations, the growth of digital technology, and the prevalence of electronic media such as DVD, e-books and the Internet.

For more information, please read the Printing Industry Center report, What is Print? A Characterization of the Printing Industry in the United States.