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Personalization: Data-Driven Print and Internet Communications

"The premise of this book is that marketing firms can improve the results of their campaigns by eliminating the waste of unwanted advertising thr...

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About the Cross-Media Innovation Center

The changes in our industry require that future graphic communications professionals understand the integration of all types of media -- print, web, mobile and social. 

The School of Media Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology has created a member-based Cross-Media Innovation Center to promote interdisciplinary research between RIT faculty and the graphic communications industry.

Research areas if interest include, but are not limited to, the creation and organization of digital content, analysis of consumer and business data to better understand behaviors, the layout and assembly of graphical images and the deployment of content to all media channels.

RIT’s School of Media Sciences is expanding its labs to accommodate a cross-media innovation lab, a marking technology lab (lithography, flexography, screen and digital printing systems) and a material science lab. All these labs will be used for research and education for the school and the Cross-Media Innovation Center.



About the Printing Industry Center at RIT (2001-2012)

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) was selected in 2001 by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to become one of the twenty-six Sloan Industry Centers. The Printing Industry Center was a joint program of the RIT School of Print Media (now the School of Media Sciences) in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences and RIT's Saunders College of Business, emphasizing Sloan's long-standing tradition of applying a broad multidisciplinary approach to industry investigations and findings.

Dedicated to the study of major business environment influences in the printing industry brought on by new technologies and societal changes, the Printing Industry Center at RIT addressed the concerns of the printing industry through research initiatives and educational outreach.

The Center created a forum for printing companies and associations worldwide to access a neutral platform for the dissemination of knowledge trusted by the industry, to share ideas, and to build the partnerships needed to sustain growth and profitability in a rapidly changing market.