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Utilization of E-Commerce by Commercial Printing Companies

There have been numerous changes in the printing industry over the past several years. The National Association for Printi...

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Investigating ways to measure the true environmental impacts and reduce the negative environmental impacts of print communications.

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Drivers of Greener Print Choices: An Exploratory Study of Print Consumer Environmentalism
by Kaitlyn Werner , Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D. , Joseph Miller, Ph.D.
Exploring Existing Measures of Environmental Impacts of Print: A Survey of Existing Practices
by Eni Gambeta , Marcos Esterman, Ph.D. , Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D.
Sustainable by Design: An Investigation into Ecologically Friendly Typography
by Charles Bigelow , Dealva Dowd-Hinkle , Daniel Horowitz , Garret Voorhees
Life Cycle Analysis in the Printing Industry: A Review
by Justin Bousquin , Marcos Esterman, Ph.D. , Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D.
Sustainable Printing Activities: Design and Initial Approach for a Print Energy Life-Cycle Decision Tool
by Elvis Montero , J. Scott Hawker, Ph.D. , Marcos Esterman, Ph.D. , Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D.
Sustainability in Gravure Packaging Printing
by Angelica Li , Robert Chung
A Comparative Study of the Environmental Aspects of Lithographic and Digital Printing Processes
by Sachin R. Kadam , Mary Anne Evans, Ph.D. , Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D.
Formulation and Implementation of Environmental Strategies: A Comparison Between U.S. and German Printing Firms
by Diana Mross , Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D.
Lean Manufacturing in Small and Medium Sized Printers
by Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D. , Frank Cost
Selling Small and Smart: The Future of the Sustainable Enterprise
by Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D.
The Evolution of Experimental Environmental Programs in the Printing Industry
by Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D. , Monica Becker
Determinants of Environmental Innovation Adoption in the Printing Industry
by Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D. , Stelios C. Zyglidopoulos, Ph.D.
Environmental Management in Lithographic Printing
by Sandra Rothenberg, Ph.D. , Rafael Toribio , Monica Becker