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Evaluating the Viability and Usefulness of a Distribution Center for Print Service Providers

The need to differentiate one print services provider from another is not only based on products or technology, but also on the unique value of the pr...

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Emphasizing Sloan's long-standing tradition of applying a broad, multidisciplinary approach to industry investigation and findings, the Printing Industry Center is a joint program of the School of Print Media (part of the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences) and the E. Philip Saunders College of Business at RIT. Expert faculty from these departments comprise the cadre of researchers that build and carry out the research initiatives adopted by the Center.

The research agenda is built through collaboration between Center researchers and representatives of the Industry Partners, resulting in research that is cross-disciplinary and highly relevant to industry concerns.

Explore each area of our applied research in detail, along with the associated research projects:

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