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New Skills for DAM and Variable Data Printing Services: Is the Printing Industry Prepared?

Whereas traditional employee skill sets for lithographic print production have been well documented in the industry for many years, the implementation...

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An Investigation Into Printing Industry Demographics--2009

Area: Industry Studies
Document # PICRM-2010-04

What is the printing industry? The goal of this study is to update the 2003 study that defined the printing industry universe. There are about a dozen major sources of information about the printing industry, only one of which is the Federal Government. Although printing is one of the most documented industries in the United States, source arrives at a different view for the size and scope of the industry. This report investigates the challenges in developing a meaningful set of criteria for defining and quantifying the printing industry based on the 2003 report. Using the criteria from over 15 points of definition, all relevant data sources will be reviewed. The goal is to understand the demographics of all services that reproduce information on paper.

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US printing industry Frank Romano demographics


Frank Romano
Professor Emeritus, School of Print Media
Rochester Institute of Technology


David Broudy
M.S. Printing Technology, School of Print Media
Rochester Institute of Technology