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A Qualitative Study of High Value News Media Audiences

Area: Industry Studies
Document # PICRM-2010-02

Considerable quantitative research has been done on news media audiences. However, there is a lack of deep understanding of the portion of the audience that, in the near future, will be of high value to newspaper organizations and their advertisers.

A high value component of the future news media audience is college students. They have above average education levels, which will correspond to above average income and more discretionary spending. Therefore, the goal of this research is to conduct a qualitative analysis of this high value component of the news media audience.

The objectives of this research are:

  1. To gain a deeper understanding of the news media usage habits of a select high-value group of users.

  2. To detect new usage patterns that would be valuable to news media organizations and their supporting businesses.

  3. To confirm or deny current assumptions about the media usage habits of this group.

Download the full monograph.

news media audiences students usage patterns media trends


Howard Vogl
Visiting Professor, School of Print Media
Rochester Institute of Technology