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Correlates of Job Satisfaction of Early Career Employees in Printing and Publishing Occupations

This survey-based study examined the overall job satisfaction of graduates in graphic arts programs from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). ...

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Drop2Print: A Model for PDF-Specifications to Drive the Discovery of Print Service Providers

Area: New Media Publishing
Document # PICRM-2011-07

The goal of this research project was to create a prototype and model for a simple, easy-to-use tool for end users to discover the specific print service providers that meet their requirements for production and fulfillment. The resulting prototype, Drop2Print, provides an easy-to-use desktop application that leverages the technical specifications of an end user’s PDF document to simplify the discovery of appropriate print service providers. This desktop application is linked to an online database that allows the Drop2Print application to determine the print service providers in a specific location that are able to meet the specifications of the print job.

Download the full monograph.

desktop publishing digital printing print service providers applications


Patricia Albanese
Gannett Distinguished Professor, School of Print Media
Rochester Institute of Technology


Tona Henderson
Associate Professor, Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology


Michael Riordan
Assistant Professor, Color Imaging & Publishing, School of Print Media
Rochester Institute of Technology


Benjamin Vanderberg
Undergraduate Student, School of Print Media
Rochester Institute of Technology