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A Statistical Analysis of the Printing Standards Audit (PSA) Press Sheet Database

Area: Color Workflow
Document # PICRM-2011-08

RIT is developing a Printing Standards Audit (PSA) program that certifies printing companies who have demonstrated their abilities to conform to ISO printing requirements. RIT is also contributing to the development of printing standards at the national and international level. A reason that RIT is engaged in these activities is because of its expertise and curriculum in print media technology. Understanding variation in printed products through database analysis and utilizing statistics to make decisions in tolerance settings and in printing conformance are central to the mission of the PSA program.

The objective of this report was to analyze the variance of the PSA database. The source of the PSA database was a survey of 35 printing companies (N=35 jobs, with two samples per job). Each printing company submitted five sample sheets. Two of these sheets were measured by two instruments twice. Therefore, there were a total of 8 sets of measurements for each printing company (2 sheets x 2 instruments x 2 times). The printing target was IT8.7/4, which includes 1,617 patches. The measurement instruments were two X-Rite i1 iSis with M0 mode and white backing.

The analysis was focused on data variance as supplied in the files of (1) measurement summary, and (2) data set analysis. In order to summarize measurement variation, this project reports deviation conformance of the database to ISO 12647-2. This project excludes the variation conformance analysis because no production samples were included in the database.

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Robert Chung
Gravure Research Professor, School of Print Media
Rochester Institute of Technology


Ping-hsu Chen
Graduate Student, Carlson Center for Imaging Science
Rochester Institute of Technology